Monday, February 13, 2012

Extreme couponers not cool!

I went to Rite aid to do my shopping and um.. I encountered some not so nice extreme couponers. this is how outrageous this is I was in Rite aid on sunday morning shopping at 8am! This one woman had a hand basket with about 20 tubes of colgate toothpaste that is on sale this week. These women were running around clearing all the shelves and blocking off aisles and being very well unfriendly. As a couponer I like to be friendly and nice and I would never clear a sheleve early on a Sunday morning so someone else could not even have a chance to get a good deal... not cool. 

I tried to go down one aisle to get in on the halls cough drop deal.. these two women had the aisle blocked off! They did not want me going doen the aisle I took my bag and walked down the aisle and took what I wanted. 

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