Monday, January 30, 2012

Sambazon Juice .68 at Walmart!

Sambazon 10.25oz Acai Juice $2.68
Use save $2.00/1 10.25oz bottle
from http://www.coupons.com
Final Cost as low as .68 

Pretty Good deal; It tastes great!

Wet Ones to go as low as $1.54 at Walmart

Wet ones Singles to go box $2.23
use save .75/1 singles to go
from http://www.smartsource.com
Final cost $1.54

Great deal on Something I through like CRAZY

Weight Watchers Cream cheese $1.98 at Walmart!!

Weight Watcher Cream cheese $2.98
Use .75/1 from all you or save or print out
a printable coupon save$1.00/1 head on 
over http://http://www.hotcouponworld.com/big-big-list-of-bricks-printable-coupons/ go sown to bottom under Weight watchers.
Final cost as low as $1.98

I tried it and thought it was Yummy! I will be buying some more 

Rite aid Superbowl Big day $5.00 UP reward

Rite aid is having a great deal this week you buy $15.00 of participating items and receive a $5.00 UP reward. I am super excited that Pepsi brand is $1.00 pretty good deal for a Pepsi drinker like me. 

All on the top there mostly $1.00 drinks which is even a good deal with no coupons.  There is save $1.00/2 Chex mix coupons out there. As well as a video values which would  make them under $1.00.  What a deal. 

Also I was in Rite aid tonight with my husband we seen a ton of clearance. I snagged a box of no nonesense knee highs for work for $1.75. I usually pay about $5.00 a box at best. There is also a video values coupon out too.. makes for a great deal. 

Sorry.... I am late with this weeks deals I ill have them on tonight... I have been working like crrazy

When I go shopping at Walmart I bring a BIG stack of coupons and small stack of money

 This statement is very true. but it took me a while to make  this true. Walmart is not a easy place to coupon at. No doubling and no bogo sales. But they offer price matching and roll back prices. You need to use them to  your advantage. I will go and cout out items before a shopping trip. I had to walmart is the only supercenter in my area. No target, no supermarkets.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Rite aid shopping list

1. Old spice body wash 2/8.00 
use (2) save 1.00/1

Final cost $.4.00
Receive (1) $2.00 UP reward
final cost $1.00 each

Diet Pepsi 
 2 liter $1.00 each

Herbal essences $2/5.00
use save $1/1.00

check out clearance deals
travel size

Tide $5.99
use save $2.00/1 tide product
roll $2.00 up reward

Final cost around $2.20

Friday, January 27, 2012

Dial lotion at walmart!!!!! .97 each

I am very sorry I have not posted in a while I have been working non stop..... not a choice of mine but I did find this good deal.

Just go to the http://www.facebook.com just go under Dial

Dial lotion 5 oz 1.97
use $1.00 coupon from facebook
.97 !!!!!! Good deal 

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

kmart doubling coupons

I was just on the kmart website the other night. They had a big caption that kmart will be doubling coupons every Wednesday and Saturday until April.Well, .being the couponer that I am I called to verify with the store and they knew nothing about it? Well I live in a small area and i am like ok maybe not. But when I went into the store and asked the girl at the Customer service desk she replied, "Last Wednesday a lady came in and said her coupons doubled"? So I may go back and try it Saturday but I am pretty loyal to Walmart because I really know there coupon policy and I get a disc because my husband is a manager. But I may go back and try. 

Monday, January 23, 2012

Activia Yogurt .28 a cup at Wal Mart

I am so sorry I forgot to post this yesterday.

Activia Yogurt 4pack $2.18
use ave $1.00/1 from SS1/8
cost after coupon .28 per cup.

My household loves yogurt so this is perfect!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Purina Dog Food at Walmart $1.38

Purina 3.5 lb bag Beyond One $6.38
Use save $5.00 from SS 1/8
Final Price $1.38 after coupon!!!!
I don't have a dog but I will be donating 
this dog food to a friend.

More shopping at Rite Aid! 1/22

Like I mentioned Yesterday I went shopping this morning at Rite aid with my husband Aaron. Here are some of the deals that I snagged. Also, like I mentioned yesterday there is tons, and tons of clearance at Rite aid, it on end caps it baskets and on the shelves, makes for a great deal if you have coupons.

Post Sheddred Wheat $2/5.00
Used $1.00 /1 from SS 1/15
Paid $2/4.00 plus $1 UP reward 
for every two that you purchase.

Great price for my favorite cereal.

Also Quaker Chewey Granola bars are
in the deal. $2/5.00 
Used save !.00/2 from SS 1/15 plus $1 UP
Reward for every two thayt you pruchase.

Yummy! we love these in my household!

Mentos Pure Fresh Chewing gum $3/3.00
Use save .55/1 from SS 1/1
Pay .45 each $1 UP reward for every 3.

Also to help me out with my UP rewards this week I purchased some Finesse shampoo and conditioner $2/6.00 they offered a $3.00 UP reward on two this week.

You may be wondering what I used all those UP rewards on? I Rolled them into another transaction to Purchase there Bounty Basic paper towels they are on sale for $6.99. I rolled all of my UP rewards; including mine from yesterday and a manufacturer's coupon to pay .99 for them and I added a soda from checkout. so not to bad!

That's how you make shopping at Rite aid work for you.
.99 cents for eight paper towels and a 20oz Diet Pepsi
I actually if you really think about it got the paper towels for free and paid partial for the soda!!!!!!!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Physicians Formula make up Clearance at Rite Aid

I was recently very sick and has not had a chance to go shopping to get all the hot deals at Rite Aid. They are having some major clearance all through the store right now. I was so happy I could not believe it. 75% off!!!!!!!!!  Pretty good for tinted moisturizer. 

Physicians Formula tinted moisturizer $11.98
No coupons! 75% off I paid $2.98.

I also bought some Blistex Silk Shine  $2/3.00
I used save $1.00/2 ....can't remember what insert.
Came with $1.00 UP reward sale ends 22jan12

Huggies Baby wipes Travel Size $2.10
BOGO 50% OFF. 
Used save .50 off any huggies wipes
From insert 1/8/12
Final cost $1.35 each!!!!

This is all for Rite Aid for today..... I'm going back tomorrow. 

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Temptations $1.00/2 coupons.com

I found a really good deal. On http://www.coupons.com they have a really high value kitty treat coupon right now for $1.00/2 Temptations. There is also bogo coupons from the RP 1/8. My mom has several cats so I will be stocking these up for her at walmart.

Temptation cat treats .94. I usually will get the lowest cost on a deal like this; to make sure I get the best possible deal.  What you do is give the cashier the two coupons that you can print from http://www.coupons.com that I mentioned earlier, then hand the cashier the 5 bogos. It should make ten of them a little over 2 dollars, that makes them about .27 a piece. Sorry about all of the reamble I just wanted to explain this so everybody understands.

Temptations cat treats .94
Use (2) save $1.00/2; Then 5 bogo coupons from RD 1/8
Final cost $2.70 for ten!!!! .27 each   Good luck!

All you free samples


I just wanted to let everybody know about some really cool sample deals. Any couponer knows about the magazine All You. It is only sold at Wal Mart and has tons,and tons of high value coupons. Well; andyways go online and search for all you free sample, they have different ones everyday all you have to do is request them and they are sent to your home.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Hot deal on oral b floss at walmart

Oh, my word I went to wal mart today top get my husbands prescription; I had to wait. So I went for a very nice walk today down the tootpaste aisle glad I did. I found this deal.

Oral B 50ml dental floss $1.14
save 1.00 from P&G insert
final cost .14 what a nice deal.


I went to coupons.com this morning and tried to print the hottt Glade sense and spray coupon for 3.50 off; and it would not print!!!!! I know it's not my system because a test printed from a other coupon printed site and it worked. So, I am looking into contacting them.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Hot deal at Wal Mart this week on Kotex liners

Oh, my word look at this deal on Kotex liners! Who does not need these right? I scored them at Wal Mart

U Kotex thin liners 18ct $1.24
use Coupon from SS 1/15
final price .24 after coupon
Love it! Love it!

I also found a good deal on multi grain cheerios

Multi- Grain Cherrios 9oz 2.98
use coupon from http://www.smartsource.com/
Final price $2.23 after coupon
Not too bad for a specailty cereal

Hater at Walmart

I went shopping this morning with my husband Aaron. We had a lot of items to get due to some good coupons coming out and that I have been sick for a little while with a really bad cold so I did not go shoping last week. So anyways, I had about one hundred dollars worth of coupons. I had alot of items and I had a lady come up behind me. She was so mad I had so many coupons. She was complaining about me to my husband and other people behind her. Aaron did not know what to say. So I confidently spoke up and said, "well, you must be very jealous of my savings for my household". She was mad and acted like she was busy on her flip phone.

When I first started using coupons I was a little embarrassed. I thought people would think that I did not have any money. But actually coupons make you have more money in your pocket. My husband absolutley loves it! We both work full time and it makes it so we can afford more lavish vacations, buy big expensive tvs like we did for christmas, able to help out family members when they need it; and able to make donations at work for charity baskets at christmas.


I am going coupon shopping at Wal Mart tommorow my husband I will let you know all the good deals that I find.

Huggies 64ct baby wipes Nautral Care $2.28
use .50 off coupon from SS 1/15
Final cost $1.78 pretty good deal!
 Hint: I found these in the aisle where
the q-tips and baby lotions are in HBA.

I don't have a baby but I snagged these for my twin sister who is expecting.

Scotch Brite Scrubbie Sponge 1ct .84
Use save $1.00/2 from SS 1/8
Final cost .34 each!!!!! Pretty good deal!

Suave Naturals Body wash $1.93
Use Buy 2 get one free from RP 1/8
Final Cost 1.28 each after coupon!!!!
I really stocked up on this one!

Glade Sense and Spray $ 7.98
Use save $3.00/1 from SS 1/15
Final Cost $4.98 after that Wonderful Coupon

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Hot UP2U gum deal at Wal Mart

I am so excited I just got home from shopping at walmart. I took the high value UP2U gum coupon from SS insert 1/1. The gum retails for 1.24 and is on rollback for .98. It's money maker I love being paid to shop.  ( thanks, for the heads up Krazy couponlady). I was nervous because I live in a small area and I don't get alot of deals that are posted online at walmart. My husband, as I mentioned before is a manager at our local wal mart; he replies that is due to shipping costs because we live so far north.

Shopping at Rite Aid

I will be the first to admit that shopping at Rite Aid can be a tad bit difficult. In my early coupon days I struggled with it so desperately. But now I got the hang of it and want to help you out with it too.

I always use my wellness card.

I always try to find coupons that pair up with UP rewards, which are coupons that print out on yo put receipt that are just like cash at rite aid. You can use as many as you want per transaction and can stack them with manufacturer coupons and video values coupons.  In the Rite Aid flyer you can take a look at the items that are on sale that week with up rewards and and plan your trip. What I will do is roll my UP rewards from one transaction. Say I was buying axe Body wash in my first transaction and they printed out two UP rewards for the two body washes that I just purchased; I would in turn take those two UP rewards on a seperate transaction and save even more pairing them with more coupons. I have gotten some really nice deals at rite aid like this.

Rite Aid Video Values: Are videos that you can watch at Riteaid.com.When you watch these video you can earn credits and coupons that you can use in store at Rite aid.

Single Check Rebates: A flyer comes out every month with single check rebates for Rite aid. This gives you a really big chance to have some wonderful additional savings. Which I love. Just when you qualify your items check they monthly flyer and you can also see them in the weekly flyer; head on over to Riteaid.com after you have your receipt it is very simple and easy to enter them in. Go under the Save Now tab on the left hand side, you would then have to register for a single check rebate account. You will be promoted to enter in your receipts and then you can request your check. How perfect is that.

Rite gives you several chances to try and save some money honey!

Here' s the Rite aid coupon policy: http://content.riteaid.com/stores/CustomerCouponAcceptancePolicyAugust2010.pdf

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Shopping at Walmart

Shopping at walmart is not a easy thing. I will be the first to admit it and my Husband is a manger at walmart!!!!

When clipping my coupons and preparing for a walmart shopping trip I keep two things in mind. Are any of the surronding stores having any deals that I can price match at walmart.

AD matching: Walmart will match any competitors ad. Which is so wonderful. Even on fresh fruits and produce. I go ahead and use this weekly in shopping and saving money with my coupons.

WalMart is so wonderful because they have coupon overage. Which means if your coupon exceeds the amount of the product walmart will then apply the balance to the rest of your order. I love making money while I shop.

A way to get a good number of free items or to make some coupon overage is to go to the travel size section in walmart. As long as the coupon has no size exclusions you can score some really nice items for free or even some coupon overage.

http://walmartstores.com/7655.aspx    This is just the Walamrt Coupon policy very handy

The Ad match policy has a link on there as well.

Shopping at Walmart This Week 1/8


Theres Lots of Great deas at Wal Mart this week and some freebies

Suave deodorant 14oz .97
Use the .75/1 or some regions had save 1.00/2 from ss 
Final Cost as low as .24 after coupon.

Pepsi Multi- packs Bottles  $2.98
Use Save $2.00 wyb any two multi packs or 7.5 mini cans.
from rp 1/8
Final cost as low as 1.98 each


Yoplait Light yogurt with granola $2.00
Use save 1.50 on two packages of Yoplait light yogurt with granola
from ss 1/8
Final cost $1.25 each! This is a really good deal for my family!
We Love yogurt

Cascade Complete Action Packs  .97
Use save $1.00/2 Cascade Trial size Packs.
The coupon states no size exclusions!!!
From P&G insert 1/1
This makes a pretty good deal on diswasher tabs.
Final cost .47 each. WOW!!!

I was so excited about this one that I took a picture when I got home!

Midol 20 ct or larger $4.00
Use save $2.00 on any Midol 2o ct or larger
From http://www.coupons.com/
This is a good deal for Midol $2.oo

Heres the Freebies:

Ky Jelly   $2.84 2oz
Use save $3.00 on any Ky brand no size exclusions
From SS/RP 1/8. This coupon was availabe for a short
time on Smartsource.com and Coupons.com They went fast!
Yeah! Your making money on this deal .16.

Carmex Ultra Moisturizing Lip Balm  $2.48
Use save .75 coupon from http://wwwcoupons.com/
as low as $1.78 not to bad f carmex

Sun- Bird seasonings   .78
Use save $1.oo wyb one or
bogo from http://www.coupons.com/
Final cost .22 overage or .39 for two.
Sound like a good deal to me!