Sunday, January 15, 2012

Hater at Walmart

I went shopping this morning with my husband Aaron. We had a lot of items to get due to some good coupons coming out and that I have been sick for a little while with a really bad cold so I did not go shoping last week. So anyways, I had about one hundred dollars worth of coupons. I had alot of items and I had a lady come up behind me. She was so mad I had so many coupons. She was complaining about me to my husband and other people behind her. Aaron did not know what to say. So I confidently spoke up and said, "well, you must be very jealous of my savings for my household". She was mad and acted like she was busy on her flip phone.

When I first started using coupons I was a little embarrassed. I thought people would think that I did not have any money. But actually coupons make you have more money in your pocket. My husband absolutley loves it! We both work full time and it makes it so we can afford more lavish vacations, buy big expensive tvs like we did for christmas, able to help out family members when they need it; and able to make donations at work for charity baskets at christmas.

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