Sunday, January 22, 2012

More shopping at Rite Aid! 1/22

Like I mentioned Yesterday I went shopping this morning at Rite aid with my husband Aaron. Here are some of the deals that I snagged. Also, like I mentioned yesterday there is tons, and tons of clearance at Rite aid, it on end caps it baskets and on the shelves, makes for a great deal if you have coupons.

Post Sheddred Wheat $2/5.00
Used $1.00 /1 from SS 1/15
Paid $2/4.00 plus $1 UP reward 
for every two that you purchase.

Great price for my favorite cereal.

Also Quaker Chewey Granola bars are
in the deal. $2/5.00 
Used save !.00/2 from SS 1/15 plus $1 UP
Reward for every two thayt you pruchase.

Yummy! we love these in my household!

Mentos Pure Fresh Chewing gum $3/3.00
Use save .55/1 from SS 1/1
Pay .45 each $1 UP reward for every 3.

Also to help me out with my UP rewards this week I purchased some Finesse shampoo and conditioner $2/6.00 they offered a $3.00 UP reward on two this week.

You may be wondering what I used all those UP rewards on? I Rolled them into another transaction to Purchase there Bounty Basic paper towels they are on sale for $6.99. I rolled all of my UP rewards; including mine from yesterday and a manufacturer's coupon to pay .99 for them and I added a soda from checkout. so not to bad!

That's how you make shopping at Rite aid work for you.
.99 cents for eight paper towels and a 20oz Diet Pepsi
I actually if you really think about it got the paper towels for free and paid partial for the soda!!!!!!!

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