Saturday, March 31, 2012

High value Reynold wrap coupon reset! 3/31

I really love this coupon!

Reynolds wrap 75 sqft $2.98
use coupon from http://www.coupons.com
Final cost $ 1.48 stock up price!!!

When I do my Sunday morning shopping this is one of the items I am going to be picking up!

I am going coupon shopping tomorow for my mom at walmart I will let you know how it goes

FREE oral b floss Walmart! 3/31

 Oral b 30mm or larger .97
use save $1.00/1 from PG&E 4/1
Final cost FREE plus 0.03 overage!

Oral-B Essential Floss Waxed Dental Floss, Mint

Because of all these high value dental care coupons I really have built up a stock of these items! 

Shopping on the cheap that is what it is all about!!!!!  Well at least for me

Couponing at Kmart not a good experience 3/31

Oh, my word I went to Kmart this morning to get some of there deals and well, not a good experience for me! Not very cool! Not very coupon friendly and not very educated

But here's what I got!

4 8ct boxes Quaker chewy granola bars $.75 on clearance
use save $1.00/2 from SS 3/25
Final cost .25 each! Wow stock up price.

Poise panty liners $2.84
use save $2.00/1 from http://poise.com/
Just register and click on coupon print limit 2.
Final cost .84 each after coupon!

My cashier did not/ manager did not like it that I did not pay very much for these products but I told her that everything I was doinf was legitimate that I was doing nothing wrong; but for some reason some cashiers don't like it when you get something for free or cheap.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Hot .75 any smuckers jam coupon! at walmart 3/29

WoW! this is a high value coupon that Ilove

Smuckers strawberry jam $2.78
use save .75/1 from http://www.coupons.com
Final cost $2.03 not to bad!

           Smuckers Red Plum Jam, 18 oz

High value ocean spray bogo coupon! Walmart deal

Oh my word how I love a bogo coupon they can make for some pretty sweet deals!

Ocean spray Cherry juice drink $2.68
use BOGO coupon from http://www.coupons.com
Priced about $2.68 at Walmart
Final cost $1.34 each at Walmart! 

Just watch the video and it will clip the coupon for you just press print 

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Back to walmart a day of couponing 3/28

Well, I finally made it back to walmart!

I do fear that I did not do as well as I would of liked though. Here are the deals that I got.

Colgate 4oz toothpaste .94
use save $1.00/1 colgate the coupon stated any.
from SS 3/25
Final cost FREE stock up price!

International Delight Iced coffee Vanilla $3.98
used save $1.001 from http://www.coupons.com
Final cost $2.98

I know this is not a good deal but my sister who is pregnant was looking for this and I thought it would be anice treat for her.

Mccormick Garlic salt $1.78
use save .75/1 from SS 3/25
Final cost $1.03

Mccormick Parsley flankes $1.34
use save .75/1 from SS 3/25
Final cost .59!!!! great price

Mccormick Bacon Molasses Grill mates $2.16
use save .75/1 from SS 3/25
Final cost $1.41 for a quality Grill seasoning 

Knorr Roasters seasoning packet $1.98
Use save .50/1 from http://see.walmart.com/unilever/collegebasketball/?cid=obo.145.460
Click print and will print a whole bunch of high value coupons including this one
Final cost $1.48

Cascade Action Packs .97 Trial size
use save .50/1 from https://www.pgeverydaysolutions.com/pgeds/HMS/brandsampler-login.jsp
Comes with over $25 valuable coupons
Final cost .47 

Chocolate covered peeps $1.88 oops made me go over on my budget but that's ok.
Use save $1.00/2 from http://www.marshmallowpeeps.com/
Link is a bottum of page
final cost $1.38 ( make sure to grab the .97 1- count pack in hopes of scoring the deal that I wanted.
The diet pepsi I got because I intend on drinking it I did not have any coupons.

This is the peeps that you want: I grabbed the 3-pk that only had chocolate on the bottom and this will make yours .50 each

Marshmallow Peeps Milk Chocolate Covered Chicks

oops glade high value $2.00 off coupon gone! 3/28

Sorry the glade coupon from right at home is gone! Wow! that one went fast!

Glade Solid Air Freshener, Angel Whispers, 6-Ounce (Pack of 6)

UPDATE glade air freshners solids FREE at walmart

What a deal! I posted earlier about the glade room sprays I got for free I forgot to tell you can get Glade solid air freshner for FREE wit the same coupon!

Glade Solid Air Freshener, Angel Whispers, 6-Ounce (Pack of 6)
Just so you know your options!

Rite aid Houlton trip 3/28

The say yes to Tomatoes and the calgon clearance have me going back to Rite aid.

Say yes to tomatoes cleansing facial pads $1.99
75% off/ I was so happy to find this!

Yes to Tomatoes

I also purchased another say yes to lip balm for .74

Another clearance find I found is Ever Firm Cherry Blossom rice milk body wash $2.57 it is 75% off!

I spent about $5.30 not to bad 

Houlton shopping trip 3/28

Well, my shopping trip in Houlton went great! Althought they did not have some of the items that I wanted so I am going to my local Super Walmart later but here is what I got:

Glade 9 oz room spray .98
Use save $2.00/2 from http://www.rightathome.com
Final cost FREE after coupon I used 2 coupons and got
4 for FREE

Reynolds wrap 75sq ft $2.98
Use save $1.50 off I had two coupons
from http://www.coupons.com print limit 2
Final cost $1.48 each!

Mccormick taco seasoning .58
use save .50/2 from http://smartsource.com
or .75/1 from SS 3/25
Final cost .33 each!

Brawny Paper towels Big Roll $1.77
use save $1.00/1 from https://www.facebook.com/brawnytowels?sk=app_133170766781250

Final cost .77 each

M&Ms minis $1.00 each
use save $1.00/2 from 3/18 SS
I bought 6 used 3 coupons
Final cost .50 each

All in all things went very well at Walmart! My cashier was so sweet and she was so proud and happy for me. They did not have some items that I posted earler: Colgate toothpaste and the spped stick deodorant. But I am going to my Walmart tonight and I will update my haul!

Sorry, my out of pocket cost was $10.52 but I bought 3 items without coupons for my husband Aaron

$7.00 in coupons at walmart.com 3/28

This is a great source for coupons just go here and you are able to print off $7.00 worth of coupons!   

Right at home high value coupon! 3/28

Last night when I got home from work I was checking my email and Right at home sent me a email with a high value $2.00/2 glade products; that is any glade product by the way. This should make for some free room spray!

Glade room spray .98
buy 2 final cost FREE!

The room spray featured below would be more than .98 but if you look for the one's marked .98 and you will be fine!

Magic Meadow™


I would go for these glade room spray's

Glade Air Freshener Aerosol Spray 9 oz (255 g)

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Extreme couponing at Houlton Walmart tomorrow! 3/28

I am so excited Aaron and I are going to lunch today in Houlton and then he is taking me extreme couponing at walmart; so excited. I am hoping to get tons of freebies!


Monday, March 26, 2012

Treseeme shampoo BOGO at Rite aid 3/26

This week at Rite aid there Treseeme products are BOGO! Here's the deal that I got

Treseeme BOGO $5.79
Final cost $2.89 each

( I know this is not that good of a deal and I did not even use a coupon but, This is a product that I love and that works really well on my hair. So it is worth it to me. But it may not be the same case for you.

TRESemme Moisture Rich Vitamin E Shampoo for Dry or Damaged Hair 

Calgon body spray $1.87 at Rite aid and say yes to carrots clearance

I heard from HIP2SAVE that they had Calgon clearance at Riteaid and I just went and checked it out and it is true.

Calgon Body spray 8 fl oz $1.87
75% off
use save $1.00/1 from calgon facebook that I 
posted about a week ago
Final cost .87 

I bought two for stock up!

Calgon Take Me Away Get Juic'd - White Grape Peach Body Mist 8.0 oz 

I also snagged a Say Yes to carrots lip balm for .74!
not to bad.. 

Lip Butter - set of 5 Image 


Sunday, March 25, 2012

FREE colgate speedstick and .24 U kotex and more! 3/25

Pretty good deals at Walmart this week

Colgate 4 oz toothpaste .94
use save $1.00/1 from SS 3/25
Final cost FREE plus 0.06 overage

Colgate Total Advanced Clean Plus Whitening Toothpaste,Gel - 4 oz 

Speedstick varies in price around $1.00
use save $1.00/1 from SS 3/25
Final cost FREE ? coupon does exclude .05, 1.4 & 2ounce

Mennen Speed Stick Active Fresh Deodorant 3 oz Deodorant Stick 

U Kotex panty liners $1.24
Use save $1.00/1 u kotex product
from SS 3/25
Final cost .24 

<em>U</em> by <em>Kotex</em> Thin <em>Liners</em>, <em>18ct</em> 

I also stocked up on the suave deodorant coupons from last weekends newspaper. Stock up price at .47

McCormick Garlic salt $1.75
use save .75/1 McCormick Spice, Herb, extract or Food Clor
from SS 3/25
Final cost $1.00 for a premium spice!

shopping for FREE at Rite aid this week 3/25

Rite aid has some great free deals this week.

U Kotex 18 count light panty liners $1.00
use save $1.00/1 from SS 3/25 or http://www.ubykotex.com/get_coupons/overview

Final cost FREE

Product Details 

Note: same deal will work at Walmart but they are .24 after coupon

Colgate optic white toothbrush $3.49
use save $3.00/1 from  Rite aid video values  http://riteaid.adperk.com/
Rite aids video values also use save $1.00/ from 3/11
Final cost FREE

Colgate 360 Optic White - Full Head - Soft Toothbrush 

I know this is not a FREE deal but pretty darn close

Cadbury creme eggs BOBO @ .99
Use save .50/2 from http://riteaid.adperk.com/ Rite aid video values
Final cost .24 each; my husband Aaron really loves this deal!

Cadbury Egg Creme Filled Single 

Monday, March 19, 2012

Calgon high value coupon just like on facebook! 3/18

Yeah! I love calgon so this makes for a great deal just head on over to https://www.facebook.com/CalgonTakeMeAway?v=app_194975693850063&rest=1

Just like and print off a $1.00/1 coupon! I am sure this will make for a great deal at walmart!


Little Debbie cocoa Cremes $2.13 at Walmart! 3/18

I know my husband Aaron really loves this deal

Little Debbie Cocoa Cremes $2.68
use save .55/1 from SS
Final cost $2.13

Cocoa Cremes Cakes 

Neosporin Essentials Trial Pack Rebate from SS 3/18

Oh, my word how I love a rebate!

In your SS insert from 3/18 you may of noticed that there is a coupon for a essentials trial pack and a website to go to for rebate info. Well if you go to that site you are able to print off a $5.00 coupon!!!!  I believe you are reinbursed up to $15.00!!! Makes for a sweet deal!

3/18-2/26 only

 Rebate form found here  http://www.neosporinessentials.com/freebate/NEO_TrialPack_rebate.pdf

I do have an update my husband Aaron got mine for me it rings up at 11.47 so you will pay a little more than $5.00... pretty sweet deal

Save .75 off any two SHOUT products makes for a great deal at walmart!

Oh, my word I love this coupon!

Head on over to http://www.coupons.com
they have a great coupon for Any SHOUt product!

SHOUT trail wipes packs buy (2) .97
use save .75/2 from http;//www.coupons.com
estimated final cost .59

I think this is really worth checking out!

Shout® Wipes

Suave Deodorant .47 each at walmart!!!! 3/18

I love all these deals on Suave products and personal care products that we have been having. It is really a time to stock up; when items are under .50!!! I know I am going to... my stock pile really needs it!

Suave deodorants .97
use save $1.00/2 from RP 3/18
Final cost .47

Suave 24 Hour Protection Wild Cherry Blossom Invisible Solid Anti-Perspirant Deodorant, 2.6 Ounce

There is also a coupon in the same insert for Suave body wash!!! To me body wash is body wash I usually just buy what's on sale. I think that is a part of frugal living. The only item in my life I am brand loyal towards is my hair spray; that is only because my hair is wild!

Suave Naturals body wash $1.93
use BY2GETONEFREE from RP 3/18
Final cost $1.28 each

Not too bad for quality body wash!

Suave Naturals Shampoo, Everlasting Sunshine, 22.5 oz (Quantity of 5)Suave Naturals Body Wash, Everlasting Sunshine, 12 Ounce (Pack of 3)
Suave Body Wash Naturals Wild Cherry Blossom, 12-ounce Bottles (Pack of 6)
I aslo plan on trying the new Suave Everlasting Sunshine products the shampoo and body wash are the one's that I am going to try.

There is also a great coupon on http://www.coupons.com right now for .50/1. Depending on much that they are priced at they should be at stock up price .50-+$1.00!!!!!  I will let you know after my shopping trip !!!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Diet Pepsi 2 liter peelie coupons at Walmart 3/17

Oh, my word when I was shopping at Walmart the other day with my husband he spotted peelie on 2 liter pepsi products
Here's the deal:

Buy 3 2 liter Diet Pepsi at $1.48
use save $1.00/3
Final cost $1.14 each!


High value stay free coupon from SS 3/17

This coupon is perfect for a sale

Save $2.00/2 stayfree product
From SS 3/17

This is going to make for some sweet deals like this one!

More Carfree Pantyliners for FREE at Walmart and Rite Aid

I am really getting stocked up on Carefree products these past couple weeks.

Carefree pantyliners 18-22 count .94 (they are $1.00 at Rite aid starting 3/18.
Use save $1.00/from SS 3/17
Final Cost more FREE Carefree Pantyliners 


Friday, March 16, 2012

suave everlasting sunshine deodorant .47 each at walmart

I just love this suave coupon from http://www.coupons.com
It makes for a great deal on deodorant at walmart I am beting it would make a good deal on some shampoo as well!

Suave Everlasting Sunshine Deodorant 1.4 oz .97
use save .50 from http://www.coupons.com
Final cost .47!!!!!!

Suave Naturals Body Wash, Everlasting Sunshine, 12 Ounce (Pack of 3) Suave 24hr Protection Antiperspirant & Deodorant Invisible Solid, Everlasting Sunshine

Maruchan yakisoba .28 at walmart! 3/16

What a deal a great stock up price if use ask me!

Maruchan Yakisoba .78
use save .50/1 from SS 3/11
Final price .28!!! 

Makes for a cheap snack or supper!


Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Eclipse gum BOGO at walmart 3/13

I love this deal on gum!

Eclipse gum .97 each
use BOGO from http://www.coupons.com
Final cost .48!!! not too bad!!!

Eclipse Spearmint Sugarfree Gum, 12-Piece Package (Pack of 24) 

Diet Pepsi 7.5 8oz mini cans 1.98each at walmart! 3/13

I love a deal on Diet Pepsi! WOOHOO Ok so here is the deal

Diet Pepsi 7.5oz 8 mini cans $2.98
use save $2.00/2 from Pepsi insert 3/3
Final cost $1.98 each!!!
Pepsi Diet Soda, 8 oz Can (Pack of 24) 

FREE carefree pantyliners at walmart! 3/13

Oh, my word I love these types of coupons.

Carefree 18-22 ct carfree pantyliners .97
use save $1.00/ from http://bricks.coupons.com/Start.asp?tqnm=xcikbgz66845824&bt=vg&o=98256&c=JJ&p=IaBFfTMo

Final cost FREE 


Monday, March 12, 2012

Renuzit Fresh accents BOGO at Walmart 3/12

I love these deals on air fresheners
Buy one Fresh accents Renuzit at Walmart
use BOGO coupon from SS 3/12
Final cost .87 each!!!!

Not too bad!

( Thanks Krazycouponlady photo credit)

Yoplait Greek Yogurt 4pk $1.98 at Walmart 3/12

Yoplait 4pk greek yogurt $2.98?
Sorry I am not sure of the cost
use save $1.00/ from SS 3/11
Final cost $1.98?

Yoplait Greek Honey Vanilla Fat Free Yogurt, 4 oz, 4pk

I will update you after my shopping trip Thursday. But I think it makes for a good deal for greek yogurt; as you know it is one of my favorites

HOT ICBINB coupons! 3/12

Just head on over to http://www.coupons.com
There is a hot $1.25 off of any ICBINB product
I, personally like the sticks.

ICBINB sticks $2,68 at Walmart
use $1.25 coupon /1 
final cost $1.43!!! Better than a sale price

hot KC Masterpiece .50 off coupon 3/12

On http://www.coupons.com
There is a hot coupon for kc
masterpiece barbecue sauce and marinades 
Final cost after coupon $1.24

KC Masterpiece Original Barbecue Sauce 18 oz

Yummy we use alot of this in my house!

Friday, March 9, 2012

hot Kraft homestyle mac and cheese dinner coupon!

Head on over to http://bit.ly/w4Lxvy; and print your .75 off coupon should make for a pretty good deal. At walmart I think these sell for $2.00

Final cost $1.25