Tuesday, March 6, 2012

grocery price points 3/6

I just went to one of my favorite blogs http://www.hip2save.com and collin has posted some price points to keep in mind when your grocery shopping remember they vary by region; but it is a good guide to go by. 

Have you ever wondered if you’re paying too much for your groceries or if you’re really getting the best deal?  Or have you wondered exactly what you should be paying for items such as meat, fresh produce, diapers, or other grocery items?  Well I am excited to announce that I’ve finally compiled a price points spreadsheet with “Hip” prices for some of the most common grocery, food, household, and other items. Just click on this link or on the image below to print or save the file to your computer!
Keep in mind that these prices will vary greatly based on your region, but should be a general indicator of good prices for most areas.  This would be a great document to print, put in plastic sleeves, and place in your coupon binder so you can glance at it while shopping. :)
I’ve also received quite a few questions from readers about knowing when exactly is the best time of year to buy certain grocery or non-grocery items?  This new spreadsheet found here (or click on the image above) will show you the general “best time” of year to keep an eye out for sales on certain types of food or other non-grocery items.

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